Equipment Permitting


If required, ROI provides professional permitting services for all of our customers. Our services are not limited to new equipment purchases. Permitting can vary based on location, model, and intended use. Contact our specialists at (603)244-7000 to briefly explaining your application. For the most expedient response, please fill in the below questionnaire and ROI will be happy to provide detailed information and pricing for any applicable permitting services that may be required.

Portable/Temporary Applications

Temporary applications are clearing sites or similar scenarios, where the ENVIROSAVER™ or CARBONATOR™ is transported to the location the debris were generated. Portable applications often require no permitting. Other times, based on the state or region, a simple open burn permit through your local Forestry office or Fire Marshall may be required. The process usually requires contacting your local forestry office and requesting use. By providing detailed information about the ENVIROSAVER™ or CARBONATOR™ to your local Forestry office or Fire Marshall, standard open burning setbacks and guidelines are often adjusted. This provides our customers more leniency with operating locations, placement, increased production time, and the ability to operate during inclement weather conditions and state-imposed burn-bans.

Stationary Applications Explained

Stationary applications are waste collection sites or applications where customers transport debris to the semi-permanent or permanently located ENVIROSAVER™ or CARBONATOR™. Depending on the state or region in which the system will be used, permitting requirements vary. The routine process for permitting an ENVIROSAVER™ or CARBONATOR™ at stationary settings can be explained by our specialists. Our specialists will gather general application-specific information, including the proposed location (address), description of debris to be carbonized, and annual volume conversion requirements. ROI will recommend a particular ENVIROSAVER™ model or CARBONATOR™ and available options that will best suit your application and applicable requirements.

Permitting Request Form