roi mobile carbonizer press release

Photo Credit: Jan 30, 2019

“Open pile burning to remove slash and other residuals from active forest management is important to grow future forests and reduce fire hazards,” the Oregon Department of Forestry explains. “However, it can be costly and sometimes difficult to permit due to concerns about smoke impacting nearby communities.”

roi mobile carbonizer press release 2

Photo Credit: Jan 30, 2019

LEBANON, Ore. – Efforts to thin forests to reduce the risk of massive wildfires and air pollution create slash piles that need to be burned – and thus create air pollution.

One potential new tool for forest managers: a mobile device known as a “carbonizer.” Experts put on a demonstration Wednesday in Lebanon with the ROI CARBONATOR™ 500.

“You see no smoke. There’s no particulate release,” said Anders Ragnarsson, president of ROI Equipment Company. “You see no embers coming out of this box”.

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