Envirosaver Systems

The future of wood waste conversion is ROI’s ENVIROSAVER™ Systems. The ROI ENVIROSAVER™ and CARBONATOR™ Series of Air Curtain Carbonizers are the most cost-effective and environment-friendly systems for high-volume wood waste reduction. ROI’s carbon negative conversion process produces a superior quality end-product, Biochar. All of ROI’s systems are available as portable, track mounted, or stationary, depending on our customers application requirements.

Specific to all Models

Pre-Heated Under-Chamber Air

Pre-heated under-chamber air is provided to ensure oxygen is being introduced throughout the entire combustion chamber, supporting equal and complete combustion. This is essential for carbonizing of moist dense materials when utilizing the Fine Debris Hopper/Feeder, decreasing moisture quickly to ensure maximum conversion.

Smart Operator Interface

The smart operator interface provides a centralized PLC based operating system for all operating, maintenance, and diagnostic controls.

Included are customer support options assisting with combustion and end product control, maintenance, throughput and operational recordkeeping for customer logs. Utilizing the smart operator Interface assists ROI to further support our customers with all of their needs throughout operations.
Smart Operator Interface

Stationary Frame

All systems can be ordered with an optional stationary frame and electric motor drive for permanent or semi-permanent applications.

Live Stream Monitoring

Each machine can be ordered with an elevated live stream monitoring system. Through the remote monitor located in the operators’ cab, this feature lets the operator clearly see the entire combustion chamber. Placing debris to be carbonized in the most advantageous location increases throughput performance.

Stacking Conveyor with Metal Removal

Available as an option for the ENVIROSAVER™ and CARBONATOR™, the char hopper and conveyor system offers complete end product handling. Conveying char from the system to a safe char storage container provides our customers with the option of safely handling and marketing their end product.

Specific to ENVIROSAVER™ 350 & CARBONATOR™ 500

Self-Propelled Tracked Equipment

The ENVIROSAVER™ 350 and CARBONATOR™ 500 models come standard with Berco™ tracks, two speed drive motors, and wireless remote control. This helps position the unit on the job site, eliminating an extra piece of support equipment.

Tracks allow the system to be continually relocated for minimal travel when loading debris, also allowing for biochar to be unloaded at a designated area if required. Whether you’re working around a construction site or need to move the equipment to a different location, on or off the current work site, the track-mounted ENVIROSAVER™ 350 and CARBONATOR™ 500 offer quick and easy loading for transportation on to a standard lowboy trailer.

Stacking Conveyor with Metal Removal

Available as an option for the ENVIROSAVER™ and CARBONATOR™, the stacking auger and conveyor system allows for complete char handling. Conveying char from the ENVIROSAVER™ or CARBONATOR™ to a containment “can” or quenching system provides our customers with the option of safely handling and market their end product.

Automatic Biochar Removal

Automatic Biochar Removal systems will differ depending on specific model and options chosen by the consumer. The ENVIROSAVER™ 350 and CARBONATOR™ 500 utilize a stationary grated floor and char auger system to evacuate the biochar. The recessed augers transfer char to the rear of the machine where it can be automatically dispensed to the ground or conveyed via our optional stacking conveyor with metal removal.

Combustion Chamber Dump

As an option, the dump feature can be ordered in place of the automatic char and stacking augers, for the ENVIROSAVER 350. Instead of augers, the ENVIROSAVER 350 can be equipped with a solid pan below the combustion chamber grate. With this arrangement, the char that falls below the grate and non-combustibles (stones/metal) suspended above, are dumped out together after the slide gate in the back of the combustion chamber is lifted and the combustion chamber is raised to the dump position.

Fast and easy for maximum performance. Recommended for applications such as land clearing operations where the char will be left on site and operations limited to one shift.

Specific to ENVIROSAVER™ 400

Automatic Biochar Removal

Automatic Biochar Removal systems will differ depending on specific model and options chosen by the consumer. The ENVIROSAVER™ 400 incorporates a moving floor that continually conveys the char and/or fire during combustion from the hopper/feeder end of the machine, along the length of the combustion chamber, towards the front of the machine. The char departs the combustion chamber through the char door located at the base of the front panels, the entire width of the combustion chamber and can be complemented with the optional stacking conveyor.

Moving Floor

ROI has incorporated a moving floor in the ENVIROSAVER™ 400 that performs multiple functions. The moving floor conveys materials that have been introduced into the combustion chamber from the fine debris hopper/feeder while extracting char from the opposite end of the combustion chamber.

The moving floor allows for metered pre-heated under–fire air to be introduced into the combustion chamber for rapid pyrolysis. The moving floor provides an “air gap” between the wood waste material and the base of the char pan.

This open area is required for the systems pre-heated under-fire air to work properly. Individually mounted hydraulic cylinders, attached to the rigid ENVIROSAVER™ frame and the live floor sections provide the back and forth motion required for material movement.

The moving floor is designed and manufactured to withstand the constant loading of larger unprocessed wood and vegetative debris while being combusted. The rate at which the floor is conveying the combusting material and its char separation level is simply adjusted through the Smart Operator Interface. For easy access to the combustion chamber, the king pin separates to allow the front doors to open.

Wheeled Chassis

ROI has combined a number of innovative ideas in our equipment designs that allow the consumer to have a completely mobile product.

The road-legal chassis and suspension is available with our ENVIROSAVER™ 400 model. There is no on-site assembly or breakdown required prior to transporting our equipment safely down the highway.


Fine Debris Hopper/Feeder

The Fine Debris Hopper/Feeder System utilizes new innovative technologies from ROI. Fine debris such as wood chips, shredded wood and bark are metered through the “feed gate” at an adjustable rate and into the burn chamber by way of the moving floor.

The Fine Debris Hopper/Feeder provides a means for reduction of these and other similar dense materials at the fastest rate possible, through the materials pyrolysis of itself.