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The Future of Wood and Vegetative Debris Conversion

The portable ENVIROSAVER 400 Air Curtain Carbonizer utilizes the wood, vegetation, and other combustible waste streams as its own fuel source mass conversion. The ENVIROSAVER 400 is designed to accept both large unprocessed trees, stumps, brush, etc., and fine debris, such as ground or chipped wood, sawdust and bark.




  • Dimensions:

    Combustion Chamber; 6934mm (22’9”) long, 2006mm (6’7”) wide, 2438mm (8’) tall, 39.4 cubic m, (1394 cubic ft.) combustion chamber. Live floor operated by hydraulic cylinders to advance the materials during combustion, discharging ash out opposite end of the feed hopper.

  • Fine Debris Hopper/Feeder:

    3657mm, (12’) long, 1625mm (5’4”) wide, 2032mm, (6’8”) tall sides, hydraulically operated live floor design to feed fine debris.

  • Ceramic Panels:

    Bolt in easily replaceable panels rated to 1650 degrees C. (3000 degrees F.)

  • Blower:

    Custom fan providing the required SCFM and velocity for optimal combustion and performance, above chamber air curtain, below chamber pre-heated air supply.

  • Engine:

    Caterpillar Acert 3.3/4.4 liter, (124-147hp.)

  • Portability:

    3 axles, super singles, goose neck with kingpin that folds out to each side allowing the ash doors to open, giving full access to the burn chamber.

  • Biochar Handling System:

    Live floor, hydraulically operated.

  • Hydraulic System:

    Gear pump for all foor and feed functions, 250 liter (55gallon) oil reservoir.

  • Electrical System:

    IQAN PLC with radio remote control for all functions. Camera mounted on hydraulically operated arm to stream video to monitor in cab of machine feeding.

  • Total Weight:

    Approx. 40454Kg, (89,000 lbs.)

  • Fuel Tank:

    465 Liters (123 gallons)

  • Optional:

    Stacking conveyor with optional metal separation, removable for transport.

Key Benefits:

  • Capable of converting both large unprocessed trees, stumps, brush, etc., and fine debris, such as ground, chipped wood or bark with sawdust, and MSW/trash, etc.
  • The Hopper/Feeder system provides continual metering of fine or processed materials not suited for batch feeding in to the combustion chamber.
  • Both the combustion chamber and hopper are equipped with a live floor system to feed at an adjustable rate and convey material through to complete combustion.
  • Continuous automatic char removal for maximum throughput.
  • Pre-heated under air provides maximum combustion efficiency.
  • Wheeled chassis provides for quick and easy relocating.
  • Live stream video monitoring of combustion chamber so operator has full visibility for ease of feeding.
  • Compliant with current US EPA emissions regulations.
  • Extremely low operating cost, simple and easy single person operation.
  • Eliminates processing, transportation and disposal cost.
  • A natural process that produces biochar rather than harmful methane gas from landfilling, decomposition, and other inferior disposal methods.
  • Available as a stationary unit with optional electric drive.