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ENVIROSAVER 350 air curtain carbonizer roi equipment
The Future of Wood and Vegetative Debris Conversion

The mobile and stationary CARBONATOR™ 350 is the most advanced, cost-effective and environment-friendly wood debris conversion systems ever built, converting wood and other suitable biomass into a high-quality biochar at high throughput rates. Designed to accept trees, brush, stumps and other wood debris as well as C&D and MSW, without grinding or chipping.




  • Thermo-Ceramic Panels:

    Bolt in easily replaceable panels rated to 1650 degrees C (3000 degrees F).

  • Blowers:

    Custom fans providing the required SCFM and velocity for the above chamber air curtain and below chamber pre-heated air supply for optimal combustion and pyrolysis performance.

  • Engine:

    Caterpillar Acert 3.3/4.4 liter (124-147 hp)

  • Tracks:

    Berco B5, two speed motors, 700mm (27.5”) wide track pads.

  • Hydraulic System:

    High pressure piston pump for tracks and all other functions, 250 liter (55gallon) oil reservoir.

  • Electrical System:

    IQAN PLC with radio remote control for all functions. Camera mounted on hydraulically operated arm to stream video to monitor in cab of machine feeding.

  • Total Weight:

    Approx. 31363 Kg (69,000 lbs)

  • Fuel Tank:

    465 Liters (123 gallons)

  • Optional:

    Comes standard with ash pan for applications when combusting to completion. Optional auger discharge for char production, with or without stacking conveyor.

Key Benefits:

  • Continuous automatic biochar removal for maximum throughput.
  • Dump feature to quickly empty combustion chamber when burning contaminated material.
  • Preheated under fire air for maximum efficiency.
  • Track mounted for easy onsite mobility while operating and for easy trailer loading.
  • Live stream video monitoring of pyrolysis chamber so operator has full visibility for ease of feeding.
  • Compliant with current US EPA emissions regulations.
  • Extremely low operating costs, simple and easy single person operation.
  • Eliminates processing, transportation and disposal cost.
  • A natural process that produces biochar, rather than harmful methane gas from landfilling, decomposition, and other inferior disposal methods.