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We are a manufacturing company designed to address the varied and growing needs and opportunities of the material processing industries.

Given the design and engineering capabilities of the Company’s leadership and engineering staff, ROI has developed a robust, technology-enabled product line with appeal across multiple industry sectors.

Positioned to be both a domestic provider and global exporter, ROI’s objective is to serve as a leading supplier of processing equipment that meets specific customer needs.

Clean Air Combust
Clean Air Combust, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of ROI, offers lease and contracted services to customers in need of reducing their biomass and/or unwanted materials, utilizing ROI’s EnviroSaver and CARBONATOR product line. Whether the need is to convert clean wood and vegetative debris in to biochar for re-sale, or to eliminate your wood and vegetative waste or MSW (municipal solid waste), where applicable, Clean Air Combust is equipped to provide our systems and supporting equipment to operate on a mobile or stationary basis.

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